Life drawing winter term round up

This post is more for my benefit. I want to see which BG colours were the most successful so I can cherry pick the right ones for pre-painting canvasses for next term.


Looks like the blues and purples work best (the carpet is a manky dark grey/blue and the walls are duck egg blue in the main room) so no surprises there really. I’ve got a soft spot for the green and yellow ones too – its knocking on boring otherwise.


Reds, oranges, ochres and darks are all out, as is white.
Here’s a compendium of close-ups.

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…and a gallery. Click pics to enlarge.

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Life Drawing 3rd April 2014

Really happy with the way the head turned out on this one


Turns out its really tricky to paint on yellow, good fun.



Had to round off the term with a pic with no BG colour. Going to look at the collection from this term and see which colours work best, then paint up some canvasses for next term and go nuts…!

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Life Drawing 27th Mar 2014

Really like the first one here, muffed the drawing a bit at the start with the legs being too short and the arms too long, but whatever…


Second pose is always shorter (40mins as opposed to 1hr) so I tried to use the BG colour for the shadows to save time.


I suppose the takeaway from tonight is that not watering down your acrylics like I had to for the Coldharbour painting is the way forward…

Addon 31st Mar 2014: Its good. The more I think about it, the less I care about how anatomically and proportionally correct the drawings are. More free, more better. In your face anatomy…! I WILL be free from the tyranny of realism


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Life Drawing 20th Mar 2014


Clem: Show us your paintings then
Me: I’m not so keen on the first one, but I like the second one…
Clem: It looks like he’s holding his cock and blushing.

Thanks babe.

Life-Drawing_20thMar-2014_1 Life-Drawing_20thMar-2014_2

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Free Terry Nibbles



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Life Drawing 13 Mar 2014

Green. I was hoping it wouldn’t work, it is VERY green. But somehow it does. 


Life-Drawing_13thMar2014_1 Life-Drawing_13thMar2014_2

I was hoping lilac would work. But its all a bit dull.



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Life Drawing 6th Feb 2014

Paintings from tonight

DMCropley_LifeDrawing_06Feb2013_1 DMCropley_LifeDrawing_06Feb2013_2

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Life drawing Feb 27th 2104

Even though I am at deaths door, I was unceremoniously ejected from my death bed to allow wedding dresses to be tested for worthiness. This is the resulting plague-fuelled scribblings…

dmcropley_Lifedrawing_27thFEb2014_1 dmcropley_Lifedrawing_27thFEb2014_2

If I don’t make it, I leave everything to whoever can grab it the fastest. (don’t look in the second draw)

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Gibbles the comedy hamster

No life class tonight, so dicking about with Photoshop is the order of the day

Such doge, so meme, wow

…and a new twitter feed for Gibbles is born @suchgibbles

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Life Drawing 13th Feb 2014

Pics from tonight…



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Life Drawing 6th Feb 2014

Learnt tonight that painting on dark backgrounds is not so fun.


Will post the one from the second hour later when its dry. *here it is. Not so keen on this one, but in for a penny, in for a pound.


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Coldharbour – The Green Room, Finished

Here it is then
Some time in the making. Here’s some close ups of the detail (note to self, painting an A1 canvas with a size zero brush is not healthy)

Continue reading

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Life Drawing_Jan 23rd 2014

Smashed it tonight – dead chuffed with these. Haven’t painted at life class for 15 odd years or something daft like that.

Life-Drawing_23rd-Jan2014_1 Life-Drawing_23rd-Jan2014_2

Only thing that’s slightly gutting is these took less than an hour a piece, but are so much more alive than the Coldharbour picture I’ve been working on for the last year. Heh ho.

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Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014…

2014 will be the year of finishing the Coldharbour painting…MUST be the year of finishing the Coldharbour painting (for my sanity if nothing else)

Coldharbour-A1-roughs_17Back to Life Drawing class for 2014 for me too. I’ve spent a year getting my head round being a dad, now its time to pick art back up again. Going to try to focus on painting this year.

Happy New Year! :D


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The Roddle Waddle v1.0

Test of inked, painted and shadowed 176 frame dance loop.

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