Welcome to Dave Cropley’s Blog!

Hi! …I’m Dave Cropley, some will know me, some won’t – but hello to all! :D

Davey Darko Me wearing bunny ears looking 'enigmatic'
Davey Darko

I’ve started this blog to get the things that personally interest me on to the web in a format that can hopefully provoke discussion – but at the very least provide a virtual soapbox of sorts. I tweet and blog professionally @evansfinch on twitter and blog.evansfinch.co.uk as ^DC but I can’t use these platforms to discuss non work related subjects.

I don’t want to spend ages writing a bio and potted history for myself, that will come later – but for the moment, I want to start getting content up online and get into a groove! *…puts on grooving pants*

Thanks for listening!

All the best,


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Dave Cropley’s Blog!”

  1. Hi, this is Mr WordPress
    I fully endorse any and all content submitted to this blog. Mr D M Cropley is one of the most insighful and delightfully smelling individuals I have ever had the good fortune to host. We *heart* DMCropley here @wordpress!

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