Life Drawing 23_09_10

2 Head worms and a full body worm! That’s a good haul for a Thursday evening. What better way to wind down after a long hard day at the digital coalface than drawing poor unsuspecting life models mashed up in a Dave’s eye view.

A small psychic head worm

Lots of 5 minute poses this session so the volume is quite large this week. I’m going to keep posting up every single drawing, good bad or/and ugly for the time being, so read on for more sillyness…

Lets see if the gallery function works like I think it might… Excellent, it does. Click any image to browse through in full screen mode.

May start experimenting with colour at some point, but I’m a black and white kinda guy. Too much fun to be had extracting worms…!

2 thoughts on “Life Drawing 23_09_10”

    1. Heh heh, thanks! There’s always a slight worry about offending models that I draw, as some of the pics can end up quite raw… I’ll be posting up images from my archives soon, stay tuned and you’ll see what I mean! *gulp

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