Classic Life Drawing 21_10_10

A friend of mine Dave V once described me as ‘The M C Escher of Life Drawing’ – I kinda like that! Tonight I’m posting a selection of life drawings from Sketchbook_Black_11 to make up for the lack of life class this evening. You can see how I got that title below…




I create these images by shmushing together 2,3 or 4 short poses into one picture. Its not entirely random, though it may seem like that. I draw sections of the model that most interest me in a particular pose until time runs out, then map a section or line that roughly fits an area of negative space or nice curve, line or shape in the new pose and carry on regardless. It sometimes gives a kind of fractured, Dave-style Marcel DuchampNude descending a Staircase‘ type feel which I really like. Anyways, read on for a nice selection of artwork past. I’m very fond of these drawings, I hope you enjoy them too – click ‘continue reading’ to view the selection ->Here’s a slideshow for a quick easy low-res view:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

…and here they are in glorious high(er) resolution. Remember to click an image and navigate through using the arrows above and below the pictures for full screen-o-vision:

That’s it for today. Life class is at the normal time next week, so stay tuned for more up to the minute scribblings.

Dave Cropley – “The M C Escher of Life Drawing”

Ed: Hold on there bucko… you’ve just compared yourself to MC Escher AND Marcel Duchamp in one fell swoop! …name dropper!

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