Animation Classic No.7 ‘The Hill Farm’ by Mark Baker

Lovely film, very gentle. Again dialogue free, just the way I like it! This version is in 2 parts, and looks like it was ripped from a VHS copy – which is kinda nice for the retro 1989 vibe

Some great little touches in there. Love the big bear and the tourists. This film has always had a place in my mind because of the beautifully timed neck snapping, fainting scene. Enjoy!


Dave Cat Pictures No.4 Dave Yawny-Cat

Awww… Li’l kitten go nu-nights! Mrawr, cootchie cootchie cooo…

Yaaaaaaaawn, kitty go nu-nights!

Stupider and stupider… how silly can it get? …pretty damn silly! You just wait until I get on to the ones of other people that I made! C’mon people, lets get this moving on the social pipes – If you like these cat pics, tell your friends! Toot on the twitter-tubes and lick them on the face-pipes, just click the handy buttons below… GO!

Frogball EP by Cropmaster Flex vs Munkmaster Mick

I used to love creating Mix tapes… and when CD’s became the format of choice I cut loose with inlay artwork – loads of fun! This is Frogball EP, its ‘a nice mix’

It all fits together to make quite the package! Unfortunately the Master copies of all of the mix CD’s I produced at Coldharbour (Infamous home of the best house parties in Bristol, where I cut my teeth as a DJ…) all got stolen in the great CD robbery of 2001, along with the rest of my prized collection. Still makes me chuckle now looking at this Artwork. All the images were scanned from a big collection of National Geographics. enjoy!

Animation Classic No.6 ‘The Old Lady and the Pigeons’ by Sylvain Chomet

I just love this film. Its so deliciously twisted. Watch it, watch it, watch it! (It’s in 3 parts because of the youtubes, but good quality…

I first saw this at college learning animation at The Arts Institute, Bournemouth last millenium. Its so well observed, the pigeons are great as they flop and roll around. Its also completely bat-shit crazy. Sounds like they’ve done another pass on the score, I remember the old Beta tape copies that I watched had a much more raw feel to the soundtrack, more hand made, not so well produced. Still ace though. It’s been really interesting watching the progression through the Belleville Rendezvous and The Illusionist. Apparently it took 10 years to finish this film IIRC. Wonder what he’s up to next?