Dave Cat… Plus! No.1 Jane Racoon

When I first started making the Dave Cat pictures I was working as a 2D animator at AProductions, Bristol… I managed to rope some of my co-workers into posing for photo’s so I could make them into their animal alter-egos! No-one has seen these for nearly 10 years, and it was great fun creating them at the time, so I’m going to post them up here for posterity…


Now it’s all good fun until someone loses an eye. I’m all too aware that the whole grafting people’s faces on to animals gig may not be to everyone’s taste. I assure you hand on heart, I do these in good humour, but if anyone sees any pictures or has any objections to what I post, please just drop me a message or add a comment and I’ll remove the image no questions asked, no hard feelings. I’m doing this for fun! xx :D

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