Dry Point Intaglio Print Tests

Here’s my very first test proofs of the plates I talked about in my previous post on dry point etching here. I’ve just taken photos of them for the time being rather than scanning them, but when I’ve got my eye in a little more I’ll do some proper hi-res scans of the more finished articles. I didn’t realise that  you could make highlights with cotton buds on these plates, so it’ll be fun seeing what I get up to over the coming months as I learn about printing. It was a bit of a reality check to be honest – I’m as comfortable as could be etching plates, but I hadn’t quite twigged that printing is a skill in of itself that needs to be practised and learnt. Its, ummm… a bit more involved than just pressing the print button on the computer, natch. Hey ho – here’s what turned out, this is my very first test:

This next one was inked and highlighted by the person who was doing the 1 2 1 training at Spike Print, so I technically didn’t print it – but its certainly my plate. Incidentally both of these were drawn  at life drawing – I was very pleased with the plates as first stabs at etching live…

I see the potential with this one, will be good to see how these develop through the edition. The last one here was unfortunately the least successful, I was left to my own devices and ended up taking too much ink off the plate leaving a very washed out image. Its also a bit gutting as this was one that I took from an earlier life drawing from my sketchbook which I transferred at length to plate in (what I thought…) great detail. Turns out that my nice neat, shallow lines aren’t scored deep enough to print effectively. bums. heh ho. Lessons learnt with this plate.

Looking forward to carrying on my learnings…


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