Classic Life Drawing 10_02_11

Still feeling under the weather today :( so no new life drawing. But never fear – Classic life drawing is always here! Its always a fascination going back through my old sketchbooks and it turns out there’s a couple of my most favourite pieces in this batch. I’ll leave it up to you to spot which ones I’m thinking of, but clues are one male straight drawing and some particularly bonkers noodlings – enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Classic Life Drawing 10_02_11”

    1. Thanks for the comment. Poses range from 1 minute through to 10mins. I use a black karismacolour pencil crayon (the discontinued Berol ones) and slightly cream tinted Daler Rowney hardback sketchbooks. The paper is very smooth and the pencil crayon soft so you get a wide variety of line weight and tone. I specifically use pencil crayon rather than graphite as it cannot be rubbed out. Using an eraser is the arch enemy of quick life drawing, it forces you to make the correct mark first time…

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