Dry Point Etching and Intaglio Printing 01_03_11

Finally started at Spike Print this evening so I thought I’d take a few shots while I was working away. Its a slow process at the moment while I’m finding my feet, but its kinda fun. Only managed to produce two prints in as many hours which are drying as I type…

(If you look closely you can see one of my plates on the press to the left…)

So, here’s a few photos of the process, from an inky plate to nice clean print…

I’d already inked up the plate so its totally covered in flat black tone, then started rubbing into it with scrim – this photo is when the image just starts to show through the murk… (apologies for the poor quality shots, inky hands and touch screen phones…ahem)

The next photo shows the plate ready for printing. I’ve used a cotton bud to try and give some subtle highlights by taking a little more tone out of some areas, unfortunately I think I took a bit too much off the overall tone so I’m not sure it actually worked.

The next shot is of the actual print, you can see its reversed out…

A decent stab for a first attempt unaided, but lots to learn …In your face digital! :D

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