Dry Point Etching and Intaglio Printing 15-03-11

Last printing session for 2 weeks as I’m away throwing myself down a mountain in France next week. Starting to feel like I’m getting my head round this whole Intaglio printing lark. Its all practise, practise, practise, but its starting to make sense. I managed to pull 7 prints from the 7 plates I etched at life class last week – took 3 hours to do that, and I wasn’t dilly-dallying. When up to speed it takes about 20-25mins from start to finish per print. yipes. Not a quick process. I’ve photographed the 4 prints from last week and 2 from the week before and posted here so you can see how I’m getting on. Its a bit of a gip that the paper is a bit too big to scan so the images aren’t ideal – but you get the idea…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Click the thumbnails below for full size Images. I’m looking forward to collecting the prints that I pulled tonight – there were a couple that turned out real well. I’ll share when I’m back!

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