Drypoint Etching and Intaglio Printing 12-04-11

Great session at Spike Print tonight :D Very happy with the proofs that I picked up (posted here) but then went on to produce 6 new prints which I’m dead excited to see next week. I took on board feedback stating that the cleaner more resolved prints that I was producing, though technically competent were just not as interesting as the more grungy, tonal images I lucked out creating early on. So with that in mind I tried hard to get a lot more tone and lighting into the images – and at first glance seeing them come off the press, I reckon its worked a treat! :D Can’t wait to see them next week. Its been a bit of a revelation that I can use the print process to add tone, lighting and shade to the prints. I’ve always shied away from hatching etc as its the enemy of quick, fresh drawing – so If I can get it in at print stage, job done!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As ever, click the thumbnails below for full screen view. Til (hopefully a very interesting…) next time :D


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