Drypoint Etching and Intaglio Printing 03-05-11

Frustrating! :D Grrrarr! Only got 1 1/2 hours in the print shop so had to rush there to get anything done, then frustrated by photographing the prints that I collected cos my camera just doesn’t do what I need for snapping artwork and the paper size is too big to easily scan… and there’s not enough time in the world, and and and…

Moaning aside, feel like I’m still learning and not producing – but you have to walk before you can run I suppose. It took years to settle into a style and medium at Life Class and I don’t relish it taking the same amount of time at the print shop! But maybe I’m just being impatient (that’s a big yes then isn’t it!) Anyways, I’ve been geeking out cataloging everything that I’m doing and part of that is to keep an online record of everything, so in the spirit of that here’s the prints that I collected tonight from last week (apologies for the shite quality shots, note to self try scanning somehow)

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Edited to Add (E2A):

Right then, scanning does work it seems. 300 dpi Greyscale archival of all prints pulled from now onwards then… :D

Click thumbs for full size versions… til next time

3 thoughts on “Drypoint Etching and Intaglio Printing 03-05-11”

  1. Excellent and inspiring blog. I love your etchings, and how they evolve from the original drawings. Great stuff!

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