3 thoughts on “A Quick Note on Social Media and Internet Security”

  1. Interesting post Dave. I haven’t bothered getting into Twitter but it does seem to be harder to spot fakes when you compare it to something more usually lengthy like email and therefore potentially quite risky. If I ever do I will bear your advice in mind. Over the last two years I’ve been struck by the amount of email I have been getting from life class members both current and from the dim distant past who’ve had their emails hacked into. (A lot of people, as I used to have their email set up to automatically put whoever it is they are contacting automatically into their address book.) There was a time when it was about 3 or 4 a week. Not exactly vast amounts but enough to make me think twice about Hotmail in particular which is a pity because it’s got currently got some pretty nifty features.

  2. Hi Will, nice to hear from you :D
    Twitter is a very much misunderstood beast – I am a big advocate for its usage. Its by far and away the best source for live information on whats happening anywhere in the world and a fantastic publishing/networking tool to boot. Don’t be scared of it! The scams are the same across any platform, twitter is no better or worse than the other social networks for being targeted by scammers.
    I’ve used many email clients including hotmail and without a shadow of a doubt gmail is the best by a very, very, very long way. i would advise anyone to go with Google.
    Looking forward to catching up with you in the new term – see you there!

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