Life Drawing 24-11-11

Morning! It took ages to get my mojo working tonight, but got there in the end. Silly work, getting in the way of drawing… :D

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4 thoughts on “Life Drawing 24-11-11”

  1. You’re just amazing in both fields of both simple AND detailed work! I found the drawings with the figure looking at a face (I think?) to be really interesting, perhaps because of how jarring they are?
    Anyways, I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving, I’m busy stuffing myself with leftovers today and I’m starting to feel the slight pangs of guilty (announcing it to everyone makes me feel better in a way).

    1. Thanks for the kind words :D

      I think the image you are referring to is the drypoint etching I tend to do in the last hour. These are great fun as it feels more like sculpting than drawing. When I finally manage to get some time back in the print studio I will be making a very limited edition run of prints available to buy

      Hope you enjoyed thanksgiving!

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