Good News and Classic Life Drawing

Had some good news today – 3 of my etchings have been accepted into the New Visions exhibition at the Grant Bradley Gallery opening on Sat Jan 7th 2012 through to the end of the month. This is the first time original DMCropley artwork has gone on sale to the public – hoping for the best! :D
Now that Life Class is over until January next year its time to dig back through the archives and post up classic images from years past. Enjoy…

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Click thumbs for full size images:

2 thoughts on “Good News and Classic Life Drawing”

  1. I just realized your work looks a lot like the zen paintings that I see at the temple that I used to go to. It actually has some resemblance to traditional Asian art styles in general! What I mean is the free flow of the pen strokes along with an slight abstraction to the human form. Below are some links to art that kind of express what I’m trying to say better.

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