Life Drawing 08-03-12

Had a crack with Dip Pen and Ink tonight, didn’t quite go as planned… heh ho, nothing ventured nothing gained :D

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One thought on “Life Drawing 08-03-12”

  1. It was only recently that I picked up the ink pen also! Well actually, I took this long hiatus from the ink pen because when I first picked it up, my lack of skills made a bunch of blots and splatters all over the paper. I realized how wonderfully bold ink could be when I decided to go over some pencil sketches that had been fading. Dip pens are also loads of fun once you learn to use them! I never thought that calligraphy would be so amusing!

    To me, it seems like you’ve gained a lot from using pen! Your lines are so clean and fluid! I can only aspire to be as clear and bold as you!

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