The Legend of Coldharbour

Once upon a time there was a house on Coldharbour Road. It became infamous for its many crazy, debauched costume parties. I lived there for four years, its where I met my wife. The house lives on as happy memories for many good people. We rocked the place ;)

A few years ago I asked an artist friend of mine who used to live at Coldharbour to draw me a picture of one of the early parties for my 30th birthday (he was infact the guy that found the house, lost the house, then found it again so that the legend could be born…) He never got round to finishing the picture and gave me something different, but equally cherished instead. I wanted to pick up where he left off – this is where I got to with a rough colour test.

I thought it would be fun to show a copy of the original rough that I was given and the clean up version that I knocked out before colouring in photoshop

There’s so many memories locked in this picture it took ages to even do any work. Lots of time was spent staring into space remembering the chair dancing, the fire breathing, the beer fridge… the other beer fridge…

Because so many people lived in that house over the years it must have been difficult to get as many in as possible. I like to think the ones that didn’t make it into the rough were just out of shot in the kitchen (where most of the party always seemed to be) making deadly cocktails.

I’ve got grand plans to do a big A1 canvas painting of this thing – but its taken 5 years to get this far… but who knows, the party spirit is strong with this one

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