Coldharbour – The Green Room, Finished

Here it is then
Some time in the making. Here’s some close ups of the detail (note to self, painting an A1 canvas with a size zero brush is not healthy)

Its a long way from where it started nearly 7 years ago

I’m going to get loads of stick for this picture – “Why am I not in it, I lived there for aaaaages – HE didn’t even live there…” My stock response is: “you were in the kitchen – with the booze fridge, where the party REALLY was”

Here’s a re-post of the animation test of Rod darncin’ that I made halfway through

In the spirit of the thing though, in the picture we have:

Dave V (creator of the initial roughs)
Chris K
Graham D
Andy G
Darran W
Dave C (idiot with a size 0 brush)
Rod E
Andy T
Clem E (mwah)
Helene D
Damian S
Gav B (Fire!)
Some Random bloke

Not in the picture (in the kitchen…):
Francois D
Sarah W
Jamie M
Rich G
Ben H
Amy C
Claire L
Jo D
Russ S
Lou DS
Amy J
Nick C
Kayah (?!)

If I’ve forgotten anyone (I deffo have) – you were in the garden, watching the fireworks ;)

5 thoughts on “Coldharbour – The Green Room, Finished”

    1. Thanks Rosie, I thought the legs were pretty good too… ba-dum, tsch! See what I did there? comedy genius, me.

      But really – thanks ;) Getting ready for the next big one…

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