Life Drawing 12th June 2014

I end up doing the same old thing at the moment so tried to do things a bit differently in the second one doing the highlights and lowlights first before the colour. Enjoyed. More play, more better.

DMCropley_LIfe-Drawing_12thJune2014_1 DMCropley_LIfe-Drawing_12thJune2014_2

Starting to get quite the little collection of canvas studies now which is nice.


Life Drawing 5th June 2014

Feeling like I was having a heart attack for most of the session aside (I think I have found my caffeination saturation point…) I had fun with these.

DMCropley_LifeDrawing_5thJune2014_1 DMCropley_LifeDrawing_5thJune2014_2

Clem hates the non-opaque BG’s (“I can see the painting looks really nice, but I can’t bear to look as its being covered in acid rain….”) so if I’m to stand any chance of these things ever to be hung around the house the remainder of my canvasses will need an executive decision on whether I colour them in flat.

The second picture was a testament to last minute gung-ho-ness with the white tone behind the hair, so I’ve photoshopped it out to what I thought I sort of wanted it to be. I don’t believe in painting over or touching things up after the fact otherwise you just don’t fucking learn. Love your mistakes! …so you don’t make them again…