Boudie Two Shoes

I made a painting for my mum because she is ill.

Boudie Two Shoes1

Boudie Two Shoes2

Boudie Two Shoes3

Her Grand-daughters first pair of little red shoes.

Life Drawing 25th Sep 2014

Here are my arts. Please inspect them with your face.



One of those rare sessions tonight where I actually enjoyed painting AND am happy with the results. Clem likes the second one (apparently is a better composition and less fussy) and I am keen on the first.


Sending yourself mad with colour theory

Not sure I’m going to be able to finish this off. My brain hurts.


I’ve always found colour theory tough (probably why I avoided colour for so long…) so I thought I’d have a play and mix Process CMYK acrylic colour palettes and see what happens.

Life drawing starts again next week so I’ve been preparing a load of coloured canvasses recently. This colour study has given me some ideas on how to use colours. Will post a pic of the canvasses soon, interesting stuff to come.