Adam and Cerys Wedding Invite Illustration

I’ve been doing a couple of little digital things in my spare time recently (spare time – pah!), so I thought I’d post them up here.

A friend at work needed an illustration to finish the invite (and website) he’d designed so I agreed to help.

I don’t do this stuff professionally any more but I dig the process, so this is how it goes:

The Brief

The design so far


The illustration brief


Read on to see how the final Illustration was created and delivered…

The Thought Process

The idea of origami and the Clifton Suspension bridge tickled my fancy so I spent 30 minutes on a google image journey grabbing and putting together a stream of conciousness thought process to see where it took me



I went off on a massive tangent after this – but you have to. The first idea is usually the one to go for, but you need to go round the houses and explore all the options to make sure the idea is right. Its just a thing you have to do.

The Response

Adam liked the idea, so I sat with him and very quickly thumb-nailed out what the illustration would look like with the letters in the towers and forced one-point perspective to check it would work.


Concept approved. I estimated it would take about 1 day in total for everything including the thought process. Goal posts set, Illustration begins.

The Build 

I thought I would build it in Flash for shits and giggles. I know Flash like the back of my hand, the drawing tools are OK and I knew it would let me finish in the time I had estimated.


I started by scanning and resizing the thumbnail rough to fit the layout then moved onto drawing outlines. I like to keep everything on separate levels so you have control to re-position elements without having to break lines. This also gives you the best rigging set up for animation.


Using the minimum possible amount of tones I filled the line art


Made sure it was working tonally with the overall design


And erased the lines for the big reveal…


Tweaked the position and masked to fit the artwork. Job pretty much done.


Then the self-indulgent bit, rigging everything for animation. Just in case. You never know ;)


The final Illustration cleaned up and presented in a delivery ready FLA



The tones needed tweaking a bit, and then needed some further tweaking after the journey from FLA > EPS > PSD > JPG

Here’s the final piece, delivered on time, on budget to a happy ‘client’.


Go visit @labfoo at

Go on.


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