Life Drawing 7th May 2015

Mixed bag tonight. Mostly pen and watercolours, but I made a schoolboy error not bringing enough watercolour paper, so there’s some conté crayon and black pencil crayon in there too.

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Hopefully I’ll have some fun stuff to post next week that’s not my usual life drawing fare… before the life drawing on Thurs. We’ll see how that goes…

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7 thoughts on “Life Drawing 7th May 2015”

    1. I spent a long time doing photorealist stuff… until I realised its a whole lot quicker to just take a photograph ;) Since then I’ve just tried to enjoy where the mistakes take me – its much more fun!

      1. Its a weird one. Never ceases to catch my attention that however bad or wrong you think your drawing is when you are actually on site at life class, when you get it home your perception of how ‘good’ it is is always radically different. Also, everyone’s taste is radically different. Some pieces I really don’t think work, other people love. There’s no accounting for taste…! :D

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