Building a Sub Woofer – Card Prototype

I’m going to build some speakers. Specifically subs. I wanted to build a massive dub reggae soundsystem.

I started a bit smaller. With thick grey card. And a 4″ driver from a set of little speakers found by the side of the road.

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I found the plans on the internet. As you do. So I bodged this together to see what the craic is.

I’ve got wood (fnar), and just ordered a proper 6.5″ high excursion woofer from a german website (its not easy to source these things, it turns out). Your guess is as good as mine whether it’ll ever get here.

If all goes well, I’ll just need a professional carpentry workshop  and someone to teach me joinery…

New things – coming soon!

Its been ages, because kids, houses, work.

I’ve got some new projects I’m really excited about! …they are not strictly art based, but that’s not what is floating my boat at the moment.

Life is too short to mess around wondering ‘what if?’ – so embracing the project management motto: “JFDI”, I’m going to just fecking do it :D