Stuff I have done…

…since I stopped watching TV and quit Facebook two and a half years ago.

And stopped blogging about all the things.

Designed and built a dub reggae inspired sound system. That I can’t really use in the house because its too loud. And its too big to move.

Designed a floor standing audiophile transmission line speaker. To be built early next year. Because I can’t use the sound system that took two years to build, because it is too loud.

Designed and made a cymatics inspired balustrade. Which doesn’t function to actually stop anyone falling down the stairs. Looks cool though.

Designed and built a prototype high power room de-odourisation and air purification system called, the ‘Smelliphant’™®

Started a detailed painting of a butterfly. Had a whisky, washed it all in. Got bored and designed a transmission line speaker instead.

Oh yeah, and officially a legit midnight city snowboarder