Blog-mageddon 2019 begins. This is where it all started. Wood. Wood and Facebook. All will become clear in future posts. Probably.

I’d been wanting to do some proper woodwork ever since I did two weeks of work experience at a carpentry shop as a 15 year old. My ace sister in law had some wood left over from a photo shoot, so I took it home instead of it being thrown out. I sanded it and finished with a few coats of Danish oil. Not knowing what the hell I was doing, it turned out OK. If I did it again… I wouldn’t oil it in the same place as I sanded the wood, and I’d sand it between coats.

This is the first post of 15 posts I have planned documenting the last 3.5 years of making and building stuff. Its not all strictly art based, but its what’s been keeping me busy. This was the start…

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