Blue Morpho

I went to the Horniman (fnurk) Museum. It rained a lot. It has a butterfly house. In the butterfly house was an amazing iridescent blue butterfly called the ‘Blue Morpho’. It was beautiful. I very nearly bought a print from the gift shop afterwards, but I didn’t. I thought that if I cared enough when I got home, I could paint my own. I did, so I did.


I didn’t get very far. I intended to do a really detailed painting, but I was doing it from an image I found online. I’ve always had a bee in my bonnet about drawing or painting from photos, so the thought of spending many hours working on this was pretty unsatisfying. So I stopped.

This story isn’t over though. I found a kind someone in Bristol that has a real framed blue morpho who offered to lend it to me to finish the painting. One day.

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