Branding Sheffield Band – Polyhymns

My mate Sam does music with his mates, in Sheffield. Check them out:

(I’ll post links to more tunes and their social media once their new campaign goes live)

Sam sent me some early versions of tracks from his new band to see what I thought. I thought they were great, and volunteered to do some quick album art tests in case they ever got round to releasing an e.p. (I used to love making cover art for my own mixtapes back in the day).

He used them to help get his social media accounts online ( @polyhymns )

Then he asked the fateful question: “Do you fancy doing us a logo?”

Huh, I thought, as my previous life as a creative director flashed before my eyes. Sure, my brain thought, I’ll do you a full professional branding treatment including logos, logotypes, fonts and photography, with all assets rendered and optimised for web and print… and a photo-shoot on location in Sheffield and the Peak district – for the lulz.

So I did.

It was loads of fun to flex the old creative muscles again after all these years, and all the better doing it for a good cause. They’re a lovely bunch, and it was worth every ounce of graft.

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