Animation test of a 176 frame dance cycle:

Bringing life drawing… to life. Step by step:

This is the last showreel I produced as Fishboyfilms in early 2008 before starting Evans & Finch Ltd. I wanted to do something a bit different, so I cut the reel to an edited version of AC/DC’s Back in Black

I spent the early years of my career working as an animator for kids TV. I’d always wanted to make edgier, more subversive films for the animation festival circuit, so to stay sane I spent my spare time producing independent films. Mouks was my labour of love. It is what it is, creepy… but happy memories :D

It spawned Mouks_REMIXED, which took 2 weeks to make. The original took 4 years to animate, go figure.

Even though it never made it in the festival circuit, it did actually get me work. I created this short featuring our hapless hero Dennis for the Viral Ad Agency Rubberductions

Dennis even met John F Kennedy’s nephew. Which was nice…

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