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Origami paper planes

I like making paper planes. I used to enter contests as a kid.

So I did an internet

Turns out youtube is stuffed full of people happy to show you how to make award winning paper planes.

Which is nice.

Mr Bum Poo

I’ve made lots of pictures for my daughter over the years, but not many for my son. My wife asked me to make something special for him.

Then we went for a letterpress jolly with work.

His favourite joke at the time was:

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Mr Bum Poo!

which, for the record should be the hilarious ditty:

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Big bump
Big bump who?
HAHHahahAHAHAHAHA! you said big bum poo!!!!

So I made it. At the work do. Yup.

Blue Morpho

I went to the Horniman (fnurk) Museum. It rained a lot. It has a butterfly house. In the butterfly house was an amazing iridescent blue butterfly called the ‘Blue Morpho’. It was beautiful. I very nearly bought a print from the gift shop afterwards, but I didn’t. I thought that if I cared enough when I got home, I could paint my own. I did, so I did.


I didn’t get very far. I intended to do a really detailed painting, but I was doing it from an image I found online. I’ve always had a bee in my bonnet about drawing or painting from photos, so the thought of spending many hours working on this was pretty unsatisfying. So I stopped.

This story isn’t over though. I found a kind someone in Bristol that has a real framed blue morpho who offered to lend it to me to finish the painting. One day.

Cymatics Balustrade

After playing with Cymatics for reals, I thought it would be fun to make a cymatics inspired bannister thing to stop my old computer bits and bobs falling down the attic stairs.

I like this little design. If I ever branded my speaker builds, it would probably be an iteration of this. Incidentally, I googled my name and auto-correct came back with ‘Turd Crapley’. Thanks Google. But what an excellent silly name for a speaker line.


Barry Whale and the Underwaves

Finished my painting last week. Dubbed “Barry Whale and the Underwaves” (thanks Dad!)


Sploshed in the BG


Bought a new fancy 36 set of half pans. Didn’t use it. #facepalm


Peeled off the masking fluid


It was terrifying. Again.


I think I should have let it dry more. I was a bit over-enthusiastic to see the results


But it just about worked. Knackered the paper here and there. And I had to touch up some of the inking. Nothing major


Boshed on with the colouring paying scant regard to what it would look like. Couldn’t decide whether to colour “Robbie ‘the rock’ Lobster” natural blue or red. Daughter chose red.


Finished it and got it framed the next day at the local framery. Framey. Frame. Frame. McFrame Face.


And somehow completely forgot to take a photo of the finished thing in my haste. Now its hung above my daughter’s bed.


So I just snuck in to take a cheeky snap. She didn’t wake up. Phew. #dadlife

Using Masking Fluid is Terrifying

…and knackers your brushes. Which is not entirely unexpected. So don’t use good brushes.  I took my own advice.


I finished the inking last night (this morning… *yawn). Showed it to my daugther this morning (the world’s harshest critic, after my wife). Her favourite was Gerry Shark, but apparently she loved the rest too. Bless. She also dropped the bomb that she (*eyelash flutter…) wants to help me paint it. Eep. Erm, OK.


I figured that I can get her to drip some paint on to the background for the sea and stuff. As long as I mask out the main characters which I’ll paint later, it should be alright… right?

Masking fluid is weird stuff. I’m sure there must be some sort of proper way to paint it only a google away. But, Sunday.