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Special Prize for my 100th Twitter Follower: @plymptoonsdoc

This Squidgy Blob, just for you Alexia Anastasio! (@plymptoonsdoc) enjoy!


Twitter is ace! so lets share the love. Just so happens that I love Bill Plymptons’ films and a couple will feature in my animation classics segment – ’25 Ways to Quit Smoking’, ‘Push Comes to Shove’, ‘Your Face’… and more. Huzzah for the twitterverse and its tweeps and  twitterati!

Squidgy Blobs – a heads up

I’ve been posting a few images up to twitpic over the last few weeks for my own personal amusement, I wanted to share those here for posterity as some of them are quite chuckle worthy…! click here to check them out:

Innovation for Entrepreneurs

I tend to draw these things in response to conversations I have online, or just for fun! I’ve always loved the little doodles that people sometimes make when they’re on the phone, in slack periods during meetings or just for the shear hell of it… read on for more

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