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Stuff I have done…

…since I stopped watching TV and quit Facebook two and a half years ago.

And stopped blogging about all the things.

Designed and built a dub reggae inspired sound system. That I can’t really use in the house because its too loud. And its too big to move.

Designed a floor standing audiophile transmission line speaker. To be built early next year. Because I can’t use the sound system that took two years to build, because it is too loud.

Designed and made a cymatics inspired balustrade. Which doesn’t function to actually stop anyone falling down the stairs. Looks cool though.

Designed and built a prototype high power room de-odourisation and air purification system called, the ‘Smelliphant’™®

Started a detailed painting of a butterfly. Had a whisky, washed it all in. Got bored and designed a transmission line speaker instead.

Oh yeah, and officially a legit midnight city snowboarder


Paper Cut Aug 2018

Upfest 2018 made me want to do a mural using spray paint (plotting to do one on the inside of my shed) and some stencil art.

I got as far as a paper cut piece. Once I buy some paint I’ll have a crack at using this as a stencil. Until then, its fun to see what it looks like on different backgrounds. I was toying with the idea of making a ‘psychadeli-clock’ on a rotating mechanism. Yeah.

I went to a butterfly house last week and almost bought a colour print. Then I thought I would like to do a smaller scale really detailed painting… so I’m going to make my own pic, because, artist.

Psychadelic Madness

I haven’t posted here in ages, as I’ve been focussing on other hobbies. I’m sure I’d really enjoy adult colouring books (I’m very good at staying in the lines…) but I couldn’t bring myself to buy one, so I made my own. These are what popped out.

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Done with fineliners and Lyra / Tombow brush pens.

New things – coming soon!

Its been ages, because kids, houses, work.

I’ve got some new projects I’m really excited about! …they are not strictly art based, but that’s not what is floating my boat at the moment.

Life is too short to mess around wondering ‘what if?’ – so embracing the project management motto: “JFDI”, I’m going to just fecking do it :D