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Life Drawing 9th July 2015

Last session forever tonight, probably. not.

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New term starts again in September, but all sorts of stuff is going on round then. Kinda want to do a full year of watercolours, but we’ll see how that goes. Still want to do some live animation flip book stylee.


Decks Picture 24th June 2015

Finished mocking up what its pretty much going to look like.


I’m going to make a full-on technical line drawing in illustrator next. Then colour it flat colours with maybe a couple of gradients. Maybe I’ll do it CMYK. Part of an evolving master plan. Eventually I’ll get to the point where I can transfer the lot to an A1 canvas and start actually painting. Some time.

Life Drawing 22nd Jan 2015

Here’s the pics from tonights session. Last year was the year of painting, this year is the year of plaything. I’m going to try loads of different stuff and see where it takes me.

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Really enjoyed the Sumi-e ink and calligraphy brush stuff tonight. Its the first time I’ve tried using this technique. I don’t really know what I’m doing, but that’s kind of the point – its all good fun. Shame the photos don’t show how deep the blacks are due to the flash reflecting. I will do photos better at some point but its always so damn late when I get back on these long thursdays that I just need to get this stuff posted and done.

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Thomas Rileys Interstellar Peep Show

I was talking to a friend at work about this pic, which hung for nearly 6 months on the wall outside of the staff common room at my secondary school when I was doing A-levels. I think I must have been 17… feck. Twenty years ago 0_o


I can’t find the original scan, but this will do. I cut in a few extra bits (read slapped them over the top willy nilly) a few years later.

Life drawing winter term round up

I want to see which BG colours were the most successful so I can cherry pick the right ones for pre-painting canvasses for next term.


Looks like the blues and purples work best (the carpet is a manky dark grey/blue and the walls are duck egg blue in the main room) so no surprises there really. I’ve got a soft spot for the green and yellow ones too – its knocking on boring otherwise.


Reds, oranges, ochres and darks are all out, as is white.
Here’s a compendium of close-ups.

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