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  1. Like your blog, also went to the same class for a few years, don’t remember seeing your work though, it would have stood out, perhaps we didn’t overlap. How do you do the slides how pics, do you do outside WordPress and upload? Mine’s a work in progress, any tips welcome! Ian

  2. Hi Ian, Thanks for stopping by! I mostly work in sketchbooks so I don’t have pieces out in the open very often, I’m more than happy to share though if people ask ;) I’ve been going on and off to Will’s class for 12 years or so now…
    R.e. slideshows in WordPress (I’m not sure if the twentyeleven theme supports it but I’d be surprised if it didn’t) when you make a new post and upload media it adds it to a gallery for that post, if you scroll down you will see options to insert slideshows or Gallerys, just hit slideshow and it automatically pops it in your post. Have a play and if that’s clear as mud I’ll write up a quick post on how to do it – loves a bit of helping, me! ;)
    All the best

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