Dennis meets Christopher Kennedy Lawford!

As part of the WHAD (World Hepatitis Awareness Day) 2007 Campaign for Rubberductions I also created this 30 second sting. Again featuring our hapless hero Dennis, this time meeting Christopher Kennedy LawfordJohn F Kennedy’s nephew (!), who is a Hep C sufferer himself:

Again, I had lots of fun making this spot. It was a very quick turn around, created in under 5 days using Adobe Flash. I really enjoyed hooking up the 2D animation/Live action mix, and the SFX supplied by Robin Stout at Medinasound (who also created the SFX and Music for ‘Mouks’) rounds it off a treat. Short and sweet!


Trying to Catch Hepatitis C?

Told you I wasn’t a single issue guy! Lets talk about Animation! :D

I’ve spent most of my professional career as a professional 2D animator – both traditional 2D and digital 2D. I come from a background of pegbars, lightboxes, rostrum cameras, inking, cel paints, 16mm film, Steenbecks, studio lights and dope sheets. Over the years I’ve learned to love Adobe Flash and consider it ‘my backyard’ – its allowed me to create high quality quick turnaround content, like this:

Meet ‘Dennis’ – he’s trying to catch Hepatitis C! I designed, storyboarded and animated this spot for Rubberductions in 2007 using Adobe Flash. I really loved this job, it was the first project that I managed to get off the back of my independant film ‘Mouks’. Everyone from the agency right the way through to the Hep C sufferers who saw the film loved it! Big piles of win all round :D

Welcome to Dave Cropley’s Blog!

Hi! …I’m Dave Cropley, some will know me, some won’t – but hello to all! :D

Davey Darko Me wearing bunny ears looking 'enigmatic'
Davey Darko

I’ve started this blog to get the things that personally interest me on to the web in a format that can hopefully provoke discussion – but at the very least provide a virtual soapbox of sorts. I tweet and blog professionally @evansfinch on twitter and as ^DC but I can’t use these platforms to discuss non work related subjects.

I don’t want to spend ages writing a bio and potted history for myself, that will come later – but for the moment, I want to start getting content up online and get into a groove! *…puts on grooving pants*

Thanks for listening!

All the best,

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