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Life drawing Feb 27th 2104

Even though I am at deaths door, I was unceremoniously ejected from my death bed to allow wedding dresses to be tested for worthiness. This is the resulting plague-fuelled scribblings…

dmcropley_Lifedrawing_27thFEb2014_1 dmcropley_Lifedrawing_27thFEb2014_2

If I don’t make it, I leave everything to whoever can grab it the fastest. (don’t look in the second draw)

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014…

2014 will be the year of finishing the Coldharbour painting…MUST be the year of finishing the Coldharbour painting (for my sanity if nothing else)

Coldharbour-A1-roughs_17Back to Life Drawing class for 2014 for me too. I’ve spent a year getting my head round being a dad, now its time to pick art back up again. Going to try to focus on painting this year.

Happy New Year! :D