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Classic Life Drawing 21-04-11

Back to life drawing next week (28th April) so this is the last look back at sketchbooks of old for a little while. Still got 8 more to go after this one is scanned in…

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Classic Life Drawing 10_02_11

Still feeling under the weather today :( so no new life drawing. But never fear – Classic life drawing is always here! Its always a fascination going back through my old sketchbooks and it turns out there’s a couple of my most favourite pieces in this batch. I’ll leave it up to you to spot which ones I’m thinking of, but clues are one male straight drawing and some particularly bonkers noodlings – enjoy!

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Animation Classic No.7 ‘The Hill Farm’ by Mark Baker

Lovely film, very gentle. Again dialogue free, just the way I like it! This version is in 2 parts, and looks like it was ripped from a VHS copy – which is kinda nice for the retro 1989 vibe

Some great little touches in there. Love the big bear and the tourists. This film has always had a place in my mind because of the beautifully timed neck snapping, fainting scene. Enjoy!

Animation Classic No.5 ‘Father and Daughter’ by Michael Dudok De Vit

I remember seeing this film at the Watershed in Bristol ( @wshed ) getting on for 10 years ago now, IIRC I think the Director was there for a show and tell (Bless you Watershed, fine purveyor of art house noodlings). Its probably that long since I’ve actually watched the film, I knew it was good, but I’d forgotten how good…

The youtubes dosn’t really do this film justice, it really is a lovely looking thing. I watched a very low quality version of it yesterday before posting here and that still brought a tear to my eye! The score is also worthy of a mention, I love the way the instruments change as the girl gets older. Anyways, put aside 8 minutes and watch this beautiful piece of animated film, you won’t regret it.

Animation Classic No.4 ‘The Big Snit’ by Richard Condie

Awww… A story of love, scrabble, sawing, electrocuted cats and Nuclear Armageddon! Its the Big Snit by Richard Condie produced by the National Film Board of Canada

I really enjoyed watching this again after so many years, its a lovely poignant thing – makes a nice change to all the whiz-bang that I’m used to nowadays. Enjoy!


Animation Classic No.3 – ‘Rejected’ by Don Hertzfeldt

I saw this at one of the animated encounters film festivals at the Watershed in Bristol quite a few years ago now; it was one of those rare moments where a chink of sunlight breaks through an otherwise grey day. I almost pissed myself laughing (PMSL for you nerds out there) when this gem came on:

Surreal, check. Cartoon violence, check. Funny as hell, check. Proper old-school 2D animation, check. What more could you want! This film had a massive influence on me and was possibly the main driver for creating my film ‘Mouks‘. I see this film as very much an animators film, for animators… which is probably why I like it so much! But still, it gets me every time… thanks Don *tips hat

My spoon is tooo big…

Animation Classic No.2

Tom and Jerry, ‘Cat Concerto’ by Hanna Barbera at MGM. What can I say about this 1946 Oscar winning short. I’ve managed to track down a really good HD copy of the original uncut version from the youtubes – watch it, watch it!

I grew up on Tom and Jerry. It wasn’t until I was at university and writing my final dissertation (…on Tom & Jerry no less!) that I twigged its the same Hanna Barbera that I’d known from the Flintsones, Yogi Bear, The Jetsons etc etc before TV killed the cinema star…

I can trace back my fascination with synching action to sound with these cartoons, especially this one (…and Tom & Jerry at the Hollywood Bowl) It feels a bit weird putting Mouks_REMIXED next to this classic, but you can see the influence