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Classic Life Drawing 09-05-12

A couple of weeks until the new term of life class starts, so picking up where I left off scanning and posting all of my old sketchbooks. I’ve been on a bit of a journey getting to where I currently am with my drawing. I don’t date my sketchbooks but this is from the mid-2000’s…

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Life Drawing 01-12-11

Last session of term tonight, 1 hour of warm ups then 45 mins of etching goodness. New term starts again on Jan 19th. In the mean time I’m gonna start digging back through the archives and posting choice nuggets of scribbly goodness. I’ve got a good set of plates ready to go to print but no time to do the work… lets see if we can get that changed :D

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Life Drawing 17-11-11

Its been two weeks since the last life class and I haven’t had a chance to scan any old work, so I’m feeling a bit rusty and this place is starting to collect tumbleweed… but I’m back with a new selection of pics from tonight’s class :D
15 minute poses all night tonight so just a few images. Had fun doing a quick portrait for the last pose which was nice. I tend not to do this sort of thing very often as its a bit too close to my comfort zone and I like to keep it a bit more challenging with the line work

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Life Drawing 06-10-11

Starting to get a backlog of etched plates now – which is great, but need to get down the print shop and start pulling proofs. Cutting Mat has arrived, now just need mount card, sticky labels designed and project Dave Sells Art is go :D

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*Resource Request* C/O Production manager: More hours in the day please. Effective immediately. Kthanksbuhbye.

Life Drawing (Belated) 29-09-11

Its been a busy old time what with amazing hot sunny weather over the weekend and starting a shiny new job today so I’ve been a bit slack with the updates from last weeks Life Drawing session… better late than never :D
I just need to get some mount-board at the weekend and I’m all sorted to get the first batch of prints gallery wrapped and ready for shipping. slowly, slowly, catchy monkey…

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