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Dave Cat moves in to 10 Downing Street

David Camerat, All your kitty are belong to us!

Celebrity Dave Cat No.1 Marlon Brando

Brand new Dave Cat artwork – GO! :D I assimilate your kitty, for we are Dave Cat and we are many…


So it begins. I’ve created a new twitter feed here:

twitter.com/IamDaveCat@IamDaveCat hashtags: #davecat #IamDaveCat #allyourkittyarebelongtous

…and a Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/pages/I-am-Dave-Cat/171399959561629

Lots more silliness to come  – for I am Dave Cat – ALL YOUR KITTY ARE BELONG TO US!

Life Drawing 27_01_11

All 15minute poses this week, so low volume of drawings. For some reason it all ended up going a bit mental! The first head worm of the new year makes an appearance alongside a raft of Dave-style distorted weirdness. Don’t ask me why, I just work here… :D

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As ever click the thumbnails below for Full size images – enjoy the stupidity!

Dave Cat… Plus! No.1 Jane Racoon

When I first started making the Dave Cat pictures I was working as a 2D animator at AProductions, Bristol… I managed to rope some of my co-workers into posing for photo’s so I could make them into their animal alter-egos! No-one has seen these for nearly 10 years, and it was great fun creating them at the time, so I’m going to post them up here for posterity…


Now it’s all good fun until someone loses an eye. I’m all too aware that the whole grafting people’s faces on to animals gig may not be to everyone’s taste. I assure you hand on heart, I do these in good humour, but if anyone sees any pictures or has any objections to what I post, please just drop me a message or add a comment and I’ll remove the image no questions asked, no hard feelings. I’m doing this for fun! xx :D

Dave Cat Pictures No. 10 Dave Cat Face Lick

Nice. This is the last Dave Cat pic I’m going to post for the moment. Next its going to be images of the lovely people that I used to work with when I was creating these monstrosities all those years ago (how 10 years flies!)

Its great fun making these daft pics. When it comes to other people its bizarre what works and what dosn’t. People seem to have this curious knack of fitting the look of certain animals – perhaps its their personalities, maybe its their looks… never have been quite sure! Stay tuned!