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Limited Edition Original Inkings

So this is a bit of a departure from what I’ve been doing recently and a bit of a new direction – if you can call rocking it old school a new direction. I’ve been itching to have a crack at dip pen and ink work for a while now so I decided to fire up the old lightbox and ink a couple of pics from my sketchbooks. Then I decided to test whether its still fun to ink the same drawing over and over again, just like in traditional 2D animation clean up. So I did. And it is. It was also nice opportunity to watch a lot of episodes of ‘bottom’ while I was at it. The outcome is a couple of nice wedding present prints and a limited edition of 10 original inkings of a splendid ‘Curious Head Worm’. Here’s pics – looky:

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The next big thing on my mind is to go big! I want to get hold of the most massive canvasses I can get and basically do the same as the inkings but on a titanic scale. Big ass Cropley head worms and freaky life models 10 ft high! …but we’ll see how that goes.

Life Drawing 26-05-11

Good session tonight, arm bloody hurts though – curse you booster jabs! Happy with what was produced. This is probably my last session… blimey, until September then. Bugger. Heh ho. Lots of time to work on inking editions (more on this tomorrow ;) exciting! Here’s the pics from tonight:

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Dry Point Etching and Intaglio Printing 24-05-11

Lots of stuff to post about this week, so I’ll keep it short and simple here. You can see from these 6 images that things certainly don’t always go to plan! I’m finding that the hit rate of good images from each plate is very low indeed. The idea of editions from these things just isnt entering the picture yet. I’m not sure if this is because I haven’t got the technique down pat yet, or whether its going to take a few attempts per plate to get the image I’m looking for. Either way, sure is going to be small run per plate!

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Life Drawing 19-05-11

Settling in to a nice pattern of warm ups and etching at life class… been thinking about how to use dip pen and ink, but one thing at a time – plenty of mileage in drypoint and intaglio printing for the next few years! Here’s the pics from tonight :D

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Life Drawing 12-05-11 Welcome to Worm Country…

Its all gone a bit weird…! :D In the spirit of embracing the madness, this is worm country. Here be dragons. Well, worms. Here be worms. Head worms! glorious glistening, palpating mental appendages reaching for the cosmos. For your pleasure. I had a fun session tonight. Then I went to see the ace Dylan Shipley’s first solo exhibition at the newly moved Weapon of Choice gallery on the way home, which was great – nice Dyl, shit looking fly ;) props dude.

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Gonna be fun pulling prints of these puppies ;) Click the thumbs for full screen versions…

Drypoint Etching and Intaglio Printing 10-05-11

Phew. So very tired. No print session tonight… but popped over to collect the prints that I rushed out last week. Very happy with a couple of them.

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I’ve included one scan that messed up for fun – reminds of the promo for shlock horror nasty ‘human centipede’. Click thumbs below for larger images.

Drypoint Etching and Intaglio Printing 03-05-11

Frustrating! :D Grrrarr! Only got 1 1/2 hours in the print shop so had to rush there to get anything done, then frustrated by photographing the prints that I collected cos my camera just doesn’t do what I need for snapping artwork and the paper size is too big to easily scan… and there’s not enough time in the world, and and and…

Moaning aside, feel like I’m still learning and not producing – but you have to walk before you can run I suppose. It took years to settle into a style and medium at Life Class and I don’t relish it taking the same amount of time at the print shop! But maybe I’m just being impatient (that’s a big yes then isn’t it!) Anyways, I’ve been geeking out cataloging everything that I’m doing and part of that is to keep an online record of everything, so in the spirit of that here’s the prints that I collected tonight from last week (apologies for the shite quality shots, note to self try scanning somehow)

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Edited to Add (E2A):

Right then, scanning does work it seems. 300 dpi Greyscale archival of all prints pulled from now onwards then… :D

Click thumbs for full size versions… til next time

Life Drawing 28-04-11

back again! Very rusty tonight as expected, haven’t really drawn anything by hand for about a month (Can’t call Adobe Creative suite ‘drawing’…) so it was good to get back in the game again. The sketchbook drawings are all just warm-ups as I’m focusing on the plates, so they’re just prep work, happy with 2 of the plates so looking forward to printing them next week :D

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Thumbnail + click = supersize! pip pip…

Drypoint Etching and Intaglio Printing 26-04-11

Getting into the process now which is all good. Enjoying playing with getting as much tone on to the plate as possible and working the highlights in with an earbud. Its all gloriously low-tech :D The 2 images here show that each print is very different – you never know what you’re gonna get. The idea of an artist’s proof just doesn’t apply yet…

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I’ll save you the trouble of having to click thumbnails this time ;)