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Life Drawing 17_02_11

Who’s an idiot? *Puts hand in the air – ME! ME! Schoolboy error tonight, I blame still recovering from being ill… no, I blame a client turning up at the last minute to pick up some materials and distracting me… no I blame me. I am an Heejit. ALWAYS make sure that you have an EMPTY sketchbook at hand to go drawing with – not one that is ALREADY FILLED WITH DRAWINGS! FFS. I still managed to have an alright session even though a fair chunk of it was spent ripping up large sheets of cartridge paper into small sheets of cartridge paper to draw on… here’s the results:

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As always, click the thumbnails below to view full size images – til next time, enjoy :D

Life Drawing 13_01_11

Happy New year! :D

Another year, another life drawing session – that’s the way we roll… ‘Rusty’. Rusty is the word I’d describe the way I felt during this session, but nothing a bit of artistic WD40 won’t sort out. Its all very exciting here, I’ve signed up for a couple of 1 on 1 refresher courses in Dry point etching and printing at Spike Print, Bristol – so this year I will finally put my plans into action and put versions of my life drawing up for sale! exciting – much! :D I’ll write a whole bunch more on this in the months to come, but for now, here’s the drawings from tonights’ session – warts and all as ever – I draw it, you see it! :D

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As ever, to view the images in glorious full screen-o-vision, click one of the thumbnails below and use the navigation arrows top and bottom of the page to scroll through the images – catch you soon!

Classic Life Drawing 15_12_10

Lots of images to look at today! I’ve decided that I’m just going to post up everything from my sketchbooks as I scan them – good, bad and ugly. My style has mellowed recently so its great fun going back through the years to the more ‘out-there’ drawings I used to produce. I went through a phase (a few years long) of really pushing the limits of Life drawing, both taste-wise (…gulp!) and stylistically. Its good, I now feel like I’m starting to find a nice equlibrium with my drawings – a bit crazy, but not so entirely mentalist! Anyway, have a gander…

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As always, to view higher-res versions of the images just click one of the thumbnails below and navigate through using the arrows at the top and bottom of the screen. If you see something that interests you or need anything explaining don’t be afraid to leave me a comment – I don’t bite! :D

Life Drawing 30_09_10

What a fantastic evening for head worms! 2 Extraordinary events, one never before captured on paper. We have a revelatory sighting of a rare spiral head worm, and a world first glimpse of a leatherback marine head worm returning to the sea from its spawning grounds.

Extremely rare spiral headworm

To top off an already landmark evening, we also see the return of spaghetti tendroligy. Noodley appendages once again point to the heavens in memory of his noodley goodness. Full spaghetti radiology still appears to be a distant hope, but in these rapidly changing times who can tell whether the durum wheat radio waves will remain silent. Again, good volume of images tonight, lots of 5 min poses. Read on for a collection of very silly pictures…

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