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Life Drawing 03-03-11

Interesting session tonight! Lots of lessons learnt – No.1, bring more plates! Not dinner plates, but aluminium ones for etching! The sketchbook work tonight didn’t feel too successful, but that’s mainly because I was trying to warm up for the drypoint etching main course. I’m heartened indeed. One of the main reasons I love drawing so much is because it physically feels nice to make marks on paper, its always been a big draw for me (no pun intended). But this whole etching lark feels great, its like sculpting – but 2D! Its an entirely different feeling to my previous medium of choice (black crayon on paper), but really satisfying, digging a sharp point around a sheet of soft metal. But I digress – here’s the images from tonight… I’ve taken the liberty of photoshopping the scanned plates to mock up how they will look printed, that’s why there’s 2 versions – a straight scan of the plate and a flipped, reversed out test: (edit – doh! forgot to flip some of the tests, heh ho.)

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More Musings on Dry Point Etchings…

Have been doing some more testing. Next test Sorted out a proper aspect ratio grid for A4 artwork. Homing in now on what the process will be.

Tried doing a test on a smaller size grid. Assuming that it seems common sizes for brass plates on t’internubbins are in 5cm gradients i.e. 20cm x 15cm for the one above and testing at 10cm x 15cm here:

Have carried out 2 more tests today refining the technique I’ll use to get image on to the brass plate. Will post those when I’ve scanned them…