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Life Drawing 3rd July 2014

Some good failing tonight, really positive. I couldn’t be bothered to paint up some canvasses, so I tried to do a whole background thing. Didn’t work. White is wack, yo.

Lesson learnt is you need to prep that shit! Man.

DMCropley_Life-Drawing_3rdJuly2014_1 DMCropley_Life-Drawing_3rdJuly2014_2


Trials and Tribulations – Print Collection 18-07-11

No-one ever said it was gonna be easy! 6 hours work, 9 prints made and barely 3 of saleable quality. I’ll have to listen to my own advice today. To succeed you must embrace failure. It may be frustrating that I’ve not managed to produce what I wanted, but the lessons learnt are invaluable moving forward.

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