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Classic Life Drawing 15-08-11

Back to the reason I why I very first started this blog! Scanning and archiving the mahoosive pile of sketchbooks produced from Life Class over the years.

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Looking forward to getting back into the print studio again and starting the new term of life classes. The art thing has had to take a bit of a back seat recently but its good to start the old ball rolling again. Click the thumbs below for full size images…

Life Drawing 28-04-11

back again! Very rusty tonight as expected, haven’t really drawn anything by hand for about a month (Can’t call Adobe Creative suite ‘drawing’…) so it was good to get back in the game again. The sketchbook drawings are all just warm-ups as I’m focusing on the plates, so they’re just prep work, happy with 2 of the plates so looking forward to printing them next week :D

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Drypoint Etching and Intaglio Printing 18-04-11

Really happy with the prints I picked up tonight :D there’s perhaps a couple in there that I’m going to look at getting framed. Went on to push the technique even further leaving more and more tone on the plate – so I’m excited again at going to pick up the fresh ones next week. The other thing to perhaps try is using oil based inks rather than the water based one I’ve been using so far to get richer darker blacks. Texture appears to be the way forward…

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Click the thumbnails below for full screen versions :D

Dry Point Etching and Intaglio Printing 15-03-11

Last printing session for 2 weeks as I’m away throwing myself down a mountain in France next week. Starting to feel like I’m getting my head round this whole Intaglio printing lark. Its all practise, practise, practise, but its starting to make sense. I managed to pull 7 prints from the 7 plates I etched at life class last week – took 3 hours to do that, and I wasn’t dilly-dallying. When up to speed it takes about 20-25mins from start to finish per print. yipes. Not a quick process. I’ve photographed the 4 prints from last week and 2 from the week before and posted here so you can see how I’m getting on. Its a bit of a gip that the paper is a bit too big to scan so the images aren’t ideal – but you get the idea…

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Click the thumbnails below for full size Images. I’m looking forward to collecting the prints that I pulled tonight – there were a couple that turned out real well. I’ll share when I’m back!

Life Drawing 10-03-11

Etch-stravaganza! Tonight I tried drypoint etching for the entire 2 hour session, in retrospect I should have spent some time warming up in the sketchbook first instead rushing headlong into the main course, but in for a penny in for a pound. I’ve scanned the plates and also uploaded photoshopped mockups of what the prints may look like, but in the real world It’ll be weeks before I get to see what the prints from this session will look like – kinda exciting! Anyways, here’s what came out of tonight – I tried to cram in as many styles as I could from quick sketches to multi-pose stuff. For some reason the last one wouldn’t scan properly so I’ve just left it as is…

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Click the thumbnails below for full size images – til next time…

Classic Life Drawing 24_02_11

No life drawing again tonight, but oh me oh my – the drawings, the drawings! Some of my most favouritist and craziest pics right here, right now! Still not quite sure what was going through my noodley little mind when these things exited my pencil… but I loves ’em so I does, enjoy! bladdy lavs em!

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As ever, click the thumbnails below for full screen madness

Life Drawing 17_02_11

Who’s an idiot? *Puts hand in the air – ME! ME! Schoolboy error tonight, I blame still recovering from being ill… no, I blame a client turning up at the last minute to pick up some materials and distracting me… no I blame me. I am an Heejit. ALWAYS make sure that you have an EMPTY sketchbook at hand to go drawing with – not one that is ALREADY FILLED WITH DRAWINGS! FFS. I still managed to have an alright session even though a fair chunk of it was spent ripping up large sheets of cartridge paper into small sheets of cartridge paper to draw on… here’s the results:

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As always, click the thumbnails below to view full size images – til next time, enjoy :D

Classic Life Drawing 10_02_11

Still feeling under the weather today :( so no new life drawing. But never fear – Classic life drawing is always here! Its always a fascination going back through my old sketchbooks and it turns out there’s a couple of my most favourite pieces in this batch. I’ll leave it up to you to spot which ones I’m thinking of, but clues are one male straight drawing and some particularly bonkers noodlings – enjoy!

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To view full size images please click the thumbnails below – pip pip!