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How to build a flat DIY Subwoofer

I had a spare Visaton Ws-17e driver that arrived damaged, and the company replaced. I managed to fix it and kept it as a spare… but spare woofers = potential for more B.A.S.S.

Kinda. These drivers are not meant to be subwoofers – you need big Xmax (excursion) or/and cone size for B.A.S.S. But I played around in the transmission line software and came up with an enclosure design, that looked like it might work. I had a spare channel on one of my amps and could do with another sub to even out the wack acoustics in my attic, so I lashed out a build

The graph looked good. So I started planning out the transmission line enclosure design based on the measurements. Spoiler alert: The frequency range looked proper, but the output volume (amplitude in db) was really low. So, you could hear low bass, but as soon as you turn it up, the driver reaches past its excursion limits and distorts like crazy.

As soon as I worked out the measurements, I figured this was an experiment so I’d use MDF for the first time and try out the cutting service at the local B&Q. That was all good in the hood. It was cheap, and worked. But in the end, MDF is no way near as nice to work with as plywood

I smashed it out in no time. It was a nice little palette cleanser after the crazy, emotional slog that was the hifi transmission line build. It was always meant to be a quick and dirty, so I didn’t finish the box nicely like the other ones, just hooked it up and added it to the big system.

It doesn’t really add much unfortunately. but it helps get my head round what all these bonkers numbers that I don’t fully understand actually mean in real life.

I had planned to build more speakers after this, but I’ve run out of steam at the moment. Time will tell…