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Self Portraits 20-07-11

I did a few very quick 5 minute self portraits today. I haven’t done one of these in a long, long time. I’m so used to drawing models at life class that its all a bit odd…

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Life Drawing 17_02_11

Who’s an idiot? *Puts hand in the air – ME! ME! Schoolboy error tonight, I blame still recovering from being ill… no, I blame a client turning up at the last minute to pick up some materials and distracting me… no I blame me. I am an Heejit. ALWAYS make sure that you have an EMPTY sketchbook at hand to go drawing with – not one that is ALREADY FILLED WITH DRAWINGS! FFS. I still managed to have an alright session even though a fair chunk of it was spent ripping up large sheets of cartridge paper into small sheets of cartridge paper to draw on… here’s the results:

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