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New Spring Term – Life Drawing Thu 30th April 2015

Firstly – thank you to everyone who voted in the poll in my previous post, its a massive step in the right direction :D

Here are the pics from tonight’s session. Felt very low stress, I was really trying to not worry about doing good drawings and just getting on with it.

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I used a mixture of Brush Pen, a black Sharpie and watercolours. I’m using a different brand of paper this time round and its subtly different in texture and feel. More absorbent, less ‘accurate’ but dries much faster.

This will probably be my last 10 week term for a good while as another micro noise human will be joining the family around the start of Autumn xx

Life Drawing 31-03-11

Interesting session tonight, very rusty after a couple of weeks away, but I remembered my learnings from last time and had a good warm up for 1/2 hour in the sketchbook with 5 min poses before diving in to the etchings. Seems like this is a good way to approach the 2 hour sessions – you get half a dozen warm up sketches and around 4 plates, more than enough to keep stocks up for print runs. This was also the last session of the term, so no more new drawings until the end of April – lots of time for playing with print!

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As always, click the thumbnails for Full Size images… :D

Life Drawing 10-03-11

Etch-stravaganza! Tonight I tried drypoint etching for the entire 2 hour session, in retrospect I should have spent some time warming up in the sketchbook first instead rushing headlong into the main course, but in for a penny in for a pound. I’ve scanned the plates and also uploaded photoshopped mockups of what the prints may look like, but in the real world It’ll be weeks before I get to see what the prints from this session will look like – kinda exciting! Anyways, here’s what came out of tonight – I tried to cram in as many styles as I could from quick sketches to multi-pose stuff. For some reason the last one wouldn’t scan properly so I’ve just left it as is…

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Click the thumbnails below for full size images – til next time…