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Life Drawing 26-05-11

Good session tonight, arm bloody hurts though – curse you booster jabs! Happy with what was produced. This is probably my last session… blimey, until September then. Bugger. Heh ho. Lots of time to work on inking editions (more on this tomorrow ;) exciting! Here’s the pics from tonight:

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Life Drawing 12-05-11 Welcome to Worm Country…

Its all gone a bit weird…! :D In the spirit of embracing the madness, this is worm country. Here be dragons. Well, worms. Here be worms. Head worms! glorious glistening, palpating mental appendages reaching for the cosmos. For your pleasure. I had a fun session tonight. Then I went to see the ace Dylan Shipley’s first solo exhibition at the newly moved Weapon of Choice gallery on the way home, which was great – nice Dyl, shit looking fly ;) props dude.

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Gonna be fun pulling prints of these puppies ;) Click the thumbs for full screen versions…

Dry Point Etching and Intaglio Printing 29-03-11

Just picked these up from the print workshop after being away for a couple of weeks. Interesting to see the range of styles and success (or not!) of the printing. Spent last nights session running out an edition from one plate to see how many prints I can get from the aluminium before they get too light – looks like I can only get about 1/2 a dozen before the main lines will need to be re-worked or shelved. Here’s some cheeky photos of the tests I picked up…

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Dry Point Intaglio Print Tests

Here’s my very first test proofs of the plates I talked about in my previous post on dry point etching here. I’ve just taken photos of them for the time being rather than scanning them, but when I’ve got my eye in a little more I’ll do some proper hi-res scans of the more finished articles. I didn’t realise that  you could make highlights with cotton buds on these plates, so it’ll be fun seeing what I get up to over the coming months as I learn about printing. It was a bit of a reality check to be honest – I’m as comfortable as could be etching plates, but I hadn’t quite twigged that printing is a skill in of itself that needs to be practised and learnt. Its, ummm… a bit more involved than just pressing the print button on the computer, natch. Hey ho – here’s what turned out, this is my very first test:

This next one was inked and highlighted by the person who was doing the 1 2 1 training at Spike Print, so I technically didn’t print it – but its certainly my plate. Incidentally both of these were drawn  at life drawing – I was very pleased with the plates as first stabs at etching live…

I see the potential with this one, will be good to see how these develop through the edition. The last one here was unfortunately the least successful, I was left to my own devices and ended up taking too much ink off the plate leaving a very washed out image. Its also a bit gutting as this was one that I took from an earlier life drawing from my sketchbook which I transferred at length to plate in (what I thought…) great detail. Turns out that my nice neat, shallow lines aren’t scored deep enough to print effectively. bums. heh ho. Lessons learnt with this plate.

Looking forward to carrying on my learnings…


Dry Point Etching Macro Photography

Today I’ve been geeking out taking photographs of a couple of etchings that I created yesterday. I’m still testing out techniques of replicating the drawings from my sketchbook, but I’m happy that I’ve got a good way of doing it now. I’ll do a step by step run through of the process at some point. I certainly takes a lot longer to re-create a drawing than produce it live at life class, that’s for sure. Here’s a stack of photos to nerd out with…

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Life Drawing 20_01_11

It begins! :D

Had a really weak session (IMO anyways…) on the standard drawing front this week – but I think that’s in no small part due to the fact that I was itching to get on and try my hand at dry-point etching live at Life Class! :D – Its exactly how I hoped it would be, I’ve already caught the bug… Here’s my very first ever proper etching from life:

Apparently Aluminium plates are the thing to use for dry-point etching, not copper plates like I expected. Maybe its cost, maybe its an easier material to work with, who knows does the job tho! I was very pleased with how the 2nd one also turned out:

Cool beans! I’m going to enjoy this etching lark :D I couldn’t resist having a little play in photoshop to give an idea of what a print from the image will look like, so I tweaked the levels for contrast, reversed it out to a negative image and flipped horizontally:

Cool! Its always a bit odd looking at the mirror image of something that was drawn ‘the right way round’, but heh ho, there’s no way round that if you are etching from life and straight to print. I’ll be using some of the images that I have been previously testing to see what happens over the weekend when I try to etch plates from drawings that are pre-reversed out so the final print is the right way round.

So, I’d say that was a successful first run – all systems go for project print the shit out of everything! Here’s the other sketchbook images from tonight for posterity:

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And as usual click the images for full screen versions and use the arrows top and bottom of the screen to navigate (apologies for repetition of the prints, not sure how to selectively display images in slideshows and galleries…) – til next time… :D

More dry point prep tests

A few more tests for the dry point etching process…

Tried this one using a pre-prepared 1:1 ratio grid/image:

This was a bit frustrating because I didn’t have the detail available in the original source image because it was that bit smaller, so even though I thought it should make it easier – it didn’t. I thought I’d give it a shot overlaying the 2 images to see how close I got to the original by trying to do this 1:1 technique by eye:

Quite difficult to see, but looking at the 1st image the waist doesn’t quite work, makes the new image a bit shapeless… hmmm.

So the last test was a mix of everything I’ve been trying. I used a 1:1 image as well as an original A4 sized image with grid using that for the detail and the 1:1 sized one for size reference:

This gives the most pleasing result, getting quite close to what I want to achieve. It looks quite natural and close to the original, so lets see what it looks like overlayed:

Definitely closer than the previous test, especially on the back, but still quite a ways off in other areas.

I think I’ve taken testing as far as I can here. The next step is to get myself on a refresher course and in a print studio. There I can look at techniques like printing the image reference onto shiny paper and ironing that directly onto a copper plate and scratching through the heat-laid ink using that as a guide – very similar to proper animation clean up from blue pencil drawings to solid lines for scanning and digital painting. Not sure if that will work or whether it will kill the energy of the drawings as I’d just be replicating the image exactly and not adding that extra spark and energy that free-hand drawing from reference gives. There’ll be a happy medium somewhere, and I’ll find it!