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Snowboarding Val D’Isere Panoramas

Found some great free photo stitching software here: Autostitch = Win

Stitched this last one by hand from 2 photos, software only works for multiple images.

Sigh. Little slices of bliss :D Click the images for full HD view….


Snowboarding Val D’Isere March 2011

Had to post this – Happy Dave’s! :D

Stitched 2 source photographs together by hand in Photoshop to make this little slice of heaven :D Click the photo for full HD view…

Dave Cat Pictures No.5 Dave Lynx

Still living in Box city from moving house = less blogging of late… so here’s a seasonal Dave Cat Pic to cheer a chilly November Monday!

A taste of what’s to come with an apparently Russian winter on the way. Enjoy!