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More Tea Art

I made a pencil sketch whilst having a tea session. It took slightly longer than I anticipated, maybe 4-5 hours. 0.5mm propelling pencil with a B lead, on good quality rag paper.


The tea was an aged High Roast Luanze Oolong from Nantou (700m), Taiwan, Harvested in Spring 1999. Brewed over two sittings first in a zisha, then zhuni teapot (I found the zhuni a better fit in this case). The tea (as ever…) was courtesy of Stephane at teamasters blog

Still Life in the South of France

I’ve been having a monochrome moment for some years… but I do occasionally use colour. I drew this little still life in the Provence sunlight a few years ago using Karismacolor pencil crayons.

 The light in this region is unlike any other and really does make a big difference, countless artists through the centuries have made the most of its qualities.

Here’s a group shot to finish