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Print Collection 13-07-11

Just picked up my 1st edition. I’m posting up all 8 of the prints I collected today so you can see the variation print-to-print. I’m bloody knackered. Spent all day today at the print studio editioning the next plate. I’d forgotten how tiring it is to be stood up all day. Didn’t go so well print-wise which is a bit annoying. It takes ages to work up the plate for each print and so much can wrong at any stage. I’m sure its just practise, but its so gutting seeing the prints turn out bad after spending so long inking and working the plate. Heh ho, its all part of the game…

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Its difficult to see the difference because of the slightly shonky photography, but if you look at the areas such as the legs at the bottom of the plate or the black around the face you can see the variation. Click the thumbs below for larger images

Drypoint Etching and Intaglio Printing 12-04-11

Great session at Spike Print tonight :D Very happy with the proofs that I picked up (posted here) but then went on to produce 6 new prints which I’m dead excited to see next week. I took on board feedback stating that the cleaner more resolved prints that I was producing, though technically competent were just not as interesting as the more grungy, tonal images I lucked out creating early on. So with that in mind I tried hard to get a lot more tone and lighting into the images – and at first glance seeing them come off the press, I reckon its worked a treat! :D Can’t wait to see them next week. Its been a bit of a revelation that I can use the print process to add tone, lighting and shade to the prints. I’ve always shied away from hatching etc as its the enemy of quick, fresh drawing – so If I can get it in at print stage, job done!

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As ever, click the thumbnails below for full screen view. Til (hopefully a very interesting…) next time :D


Dry Point Etching and Intaglio Printing 01_03_11

Finally started at Spike Print this evening so I thought I’d take a few shots while I was working away. Its a slow process at the moment while I’m finding my feet, but its kinda fun. Only managed to produce two prints in as many hours which are drying as I type…

(If you look closely you can see one of my plates on the press to the left…)

So, here’s a few photos of the process, from an inky plate to nice clean print…

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